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Some of you readers have participated in surveys I have conducted through Amazon Giveaways where I’ve given away books on Kindle. In fact, if you’ve been joining in on what I’ve called Angel Giveaways you may see that the question is very similar to my first survey question from September 27th, 2016.

In the near future I expect to give away more Kindle books and other items to readers & followers of my blog and social media accounts.

Today I’ve created a survey for readers of Your Support Matters. If you give me your info (especially your email address) it will be easier for me to contact you if and when you win giveaways in the future.

Right now I’m using Polldaddy, so here’s the link!
Click here to join the survey!

God bless you!


When You’re Tired, Press On

Right now I’m feeling tiredness slipping into my body. We need to be extra careful when we’re tired while driving (Hello truck drivers, soccer moms and dads, students, taxi, uber and delivery drivers and all the rest!) or doing something else with physical hazards. Earlier today I was poking through ice with a butter knife and made sure my other hand was out of the way. (I have found that it’s also a good time to really pay attention to what’s coming out of my mouth!)

Fortunately, I mostly have to concern myself with spelling and crazy cursor jumps that can erase paragraphs in under a second. (If it’s never happened to you, well, God bless you.) 🙂

Many of you are very aware of the need to “press on” in spite of being tired. Back in the 90s my wife and I were living apart for a time and I worked really late Saturday nights and then got up at 5:45 am to pick up our son and take him to church with me. I knew there was a time coming up in the afternoon or evening that I could have a rest. Even the worst case scenario was probably that I could hit the pillow at 10 on Sunday night.

What I’ve found is that when you can look forward to a time of rest at some point, it’s easier to press on. Many new parents find themselves sleep deprived and it’s like that commercial says: Dads don’t take sick days.

Another big help is encouragement. That old song “Home On The Range” contains the lyrics “Where seldom is heard a discouraging word”. Hopefully, Your Support Matters (this blog) is a source of encouragement for you.

Recently I’ve found a lot of Christian music that’s very encouraging. It might be my attitude (which I believe stems from more frequent, intense worship & greater intimacy with God in recent months) has shifted and that’s given me a healthier perspective about Christian music. It could also be the case that more Christian artists are writing from a place of true intimacy with God. Whatever the reasons, I find myself listening to Holy Spirit-inspired music much more often.

What may also be true is something like the 80/20 rule (or better yet, 90/10?). If you’re listening to 80 or 90 percent Christian music (songs that YOU find inspiring & Spirit-filled), you may find a difference in your attitude versus 80 or 90 percent secular music. I want to be absolutely clear that I am not saying you MUST do this. You could try an experiment and see how it works for you.

If you think back to how I started this post, I was talking about pressing on when you’re tired. Of course, if you have the opportunity to rest when you need it, take it!!

When you’re in a position where you must press on in spite of being tired, you may find it easier if you’ve been living in an encouraging environment. You may not have as much control over your living environment as I have right now. I understand that. But, you may have some control over “taking in” encouraging music, words or videos.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Pray honestly and intimately as a son or daughter of God

2) Read the Bible, especially Psalms

If you look closely you’ll notice that Psalms ARE prayers, so I see it as doubly good or a “double portion”.

3) Read Faith Books (RFB!) like:

A) The Cure

B) Mahesh Chavda’s The Hidden Power Of The Blood Of Jesus

You might win Mahesh’s book here.

C) David Herzog’s Glory Invasion

D) Patricia King’s Help, God! I’m Broke!

You might win Patricia King’s book here

4) Read my faith blog, Your Support Matters (YSM)

5) Listen to what I call faith music.

A) Read previous YSM posts and you’ll find lots of songs.

B) If you have Amazon Echo, ask Alexa to play Crowder or play Christian music

C) There are great radio stations online now like Air1.

So, to sum up…

I suggest you plan ahead by getting rest when you can so it’s easier to PRESS ON.

If you’re not getting enough rest, you can “gird” yourself by having an encouraging, faith-based atmosphere in your life by reading and listening to uplifting & Holy Spirit-inspired music, words and other media and sources. ALMOST FORGOT! AND, worship God intimately and often, alone and together with other believers. Some people call this “living a worship lifestyle”.

Here’s some media to remind you to Press On.

Always remember that God, the Creator of the Universe, loves YOU!

Do You Have A Mentor?

Now that I’m solidly in my sixth decade I understand the need for mentors in many areas of life. If you “go it alone” you will eventually find yourself with situations and problems that you have no idea how to fix. Without a mentor to turn to, you are out of luck.

Hopefully, you have at least two or three or even more mentors in your life. Each mentor probably has particular areas of expertise and, if you’re really fortunate, you have parents or grandparents who have mentored you in many different activities and who have imparted their skills to you. Often a friend can mentor you and sometimes a mentor who didn’t start out as a friend becomes one. In order for mentoring to succeed you must be willing to learn. That’s just reality.

Except for God, the first mentor mentioned (or coach, if you prefer) was Jethro. We don’t always remember that prominent people in the history of faith had everyday lives just like we do. Living everyday lives usually means family as well. Who was Jethro? Let me put it this way – Moses was Jethro’s son-in-law! Just to be absolutely clear, Moses married Jethro’s daughter, Zipporah. (What is the name of the wife of Moses? THERE’S a bible trivia question!)

Read Genesis 18 to find out how Jethro mentored Moses.

Last weekend I attended a business seminar and during the seminar I realized that Eric Lofholm is one of my mentors. While I don’t know him extremely well, he knows who I am and I know who he is. He’s got lots of great books and is a very good teacher when he’s in front of the room. He has a lot of knowledge that helps people in business or who are starting a business and things like email are among his specialties. I know very well how effective his email methods are because he has emailed me on an off for about 14 years. That’s how I ended up going to his seminar in San Diego!

If you are willing to learn, I would like to mentor you in a way that’s similar to the way Eric mentors me. (By reading my blog you’re already allowing me to mentor you.)

If you are one of the folks who has joined in the fun of the 21(!) Your Support Matters Angel Giveaways that I created in the last week or so, I would like to help make it easier for you to enter as many of my giveaways as you can.

Would you like to enter all my giveaways faster? How do I know I can help you? Because I created the giveaways! If you’d rather, I “built” them.

Do you know that each giveaway has a link that leads to the previous giveaway?

That means Angel Giveaway #21 leads to Angel Giveaway #20 which leads to Angel Giveaway #19 and so on all the way back to the FIRST Angel Giveaway! I checked to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes in those links just a couple hours ago.

Here’s the link to Your Support Matters Angel Giveaway #21. Click on the link to #20 in the “Welcome” section next to the close up of my face. In some cases there’s a photo of a cross on a hill at sunrise. Again, I know what the photo is because I took it in 2013 in Julian, California.

If you click until you land on an expired giveaway, don’t worry. Click on the link in that particular giveaway’s “Welcome” section and move on to another giveaway. Just make sure you don’t get stuck there. Move on to the next “link in the chain”.

That’s a pretty good way to look at this – there are currently 21 links in this chain and only one giveaway is expired. Another will expire at midnight. That’s still 19 giveaways!

There is something else about learning from a mentor you need to remember. It’s important that when you learn skills you practice them right away. Without practice it’s just head knowledge.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, yeah, I know how to do that!” Do they really? Did they learn and just keep the knowledge in their head or do they practice it? Do they do it in real life?

Go and do what you’ve learned!

Clicking on a link to enter a contest may seem like a small thing, but it’s a start.

Taking action makes you feel good. Learning something small leads to a willingness to learn something bigger now or in the future. Here’s the link again: Your Support Matters Angel Giveaway #21

Ready to learn something more? Read what I posted the other day and follow THOSE links. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve learned after you learn it!
Help Your Friends And Help Yourself

Like most days I’m leaving you with some music, but today’s music is a little different. I hope you like it.

God Bless You!

Help Your Friends And Help Yourself

This post is powerful! Read this entire post and take action and you’ll see great benefits!

What an incredible boot camp with Eric Lofholm, Michael Gerber, Jay Abraham, Dr. Donald Moine and NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry! Eric Lofholm called his bootcamp Create Revenue Now and that’s really true for anyone who takes action based on what they learn!

Around 120 people including me learned so many really helpful ideas and skills from these experts. As a follower of Jesus I found an atmosphere that was welcoming and I met dozens of people ready to help me, many of whom share my beliefs.

One of those beliefs is this:

We can help each other more than we realize or imagine by listening to people’s requests and remembering who we know that might be able to help them with what they want to achieve. We can also help by remembering people we know who might “know someone who knows someone” that can help. When we truly listen we find that what the person requesting help is almost always talking about the kind of person they need to meet. I’ll share an example of what happened with me during the last few minutes of the weekend.

Eric Lofholm, who is logically the main speaker at the event he created, told us about one of the attendees who knows a World War II veteran that wrote a book about his experiences and wants to get on Bill O’Reilly’s television show. Eric asked if we had an idea or if we know someone that we really believe will help the World War II veteran get on the show to promote his book. As far as I could see, I raised my hand and so did one or two other people.

Eric told us to connect with each other at the official end and the man who made the request came over to me as people were saying their goodbyes. I thought of a man at my church who I believe knows Hugh Hewitt, who has his own show. The reason I believe this is that several years ago I was on a men’s retreat with Solana Beach Presbyterian Church and Hugh Hewitt was the speaker! [While Hugh Hewitt was memorable and entertaining and told some great stories about Richard Nixon, he wasn’t necessarily the speaker you want if you’re going to dive into the Bible.]
I did know which man from my home church was responsible for getting Hewitt to our men’s retreat.

My idea was that because both Bill O’Reilly and Hugh Hewitt are conservative Republicans, being on Hugh Hewitt’s show first might give the man even more credibility with Bill O’Reilly. The man who made the request told me he didn’t think so and I asked him if he thought that just being on Hugh Hewitt’s show might help him sell more books and he said maybe, but he was skeptical. He said Bill O’Reilly regularly has people on his show who have written books and even his website has links to promote books all over it. I don’t typically watch O’Reilly’s show so I didn’t know those things.

By truly listening to him I realized that what he REALLY wanted was a show with MILLIONS of viewers or listeners that would be interested in a man like this. As we spoke further he told me that the author is a hard-core Democrat so I suggested he might try to get him on Howard Stern’s show and he agreed that might be a good strategy to sell his book.

So what happened today went like this. He made a request on behalf of his friend (with Eric Lofholm’s help) and I thought I knew someone who knew someone who could help. We communicated and I actually listened. My first suggestion was not what he thought would help. I heard what I thought his request really was
(his author friend getting on a show with MILLIONS in the audience) and we communicated some more.

This time it was his turn to listen to me and I’m pretty sure he liked my new idea (find someone who can get the author on Howard Stern’s show) very much.

All it takes to be helpful like this is a willingness to listen and introduce someone to someone else.

I’ll make it very easy for you. Do you know a friend who might benefit from reading my blog? Do you know someone who would like encouragement? Introduce them to me by introducing them to my blog!

**Here’s one way to introduce a friend to my blog (and me)**

At this very moment you can Google “Your Support Matters” and mine is the fourth search result. At the bottom of the page you can see the headline
“Heard A Good Word Lately? YOUR Support Matters”
and the blurb below it is from an earlier Your Support Matters post.

All your friend needs to do is

1) Search the right words – Your Support Matters – on Google and click on the right search result headline – Heard A Good Word Lately? and they’ll be introduced to my blog, and

2) Find THIS post by using the Your Support Matters blog search which is on the left sidebar of this blog and search the title “Help Your Friends And Help Yourself”

Search for yourself and see!

**Here’s another way to introduce a friend to my blog (and me)**

Send them this link:

You may find sending the link easier than the first way!

Don’t know what to say? Here’s what you say:

I found this guy who encourages people and he connects people to helpful people and helpful stuff. Check him out by following this link:

Do you see what I just did?

I made it easier for you to introduce me to your friends because now all you need to do is copy and paste from the beginning of the sentence that starts with “I found this guy” to the end of the link right above these words.

Here are two more valuable links:

1) Multiple Chances To Win FREE Books (And Possibly Other Prizes) During The Promotion IF You Follow The Links

Your Support Matters Angel Giveaway #12

2) FREE Wisdom From Jay Abraham

I need to say this first.

I believe that this is the most generous offer I’ve ever seen!

I only learned about his website today even though it seems like I heard of Jay Abraham forever ago! I know I knew who Jay Abraham was in the 1990s and I might have heard of him 30 years ago or more! I didn’t realize just how generous he is! I started to figure that out when I heard him speak Sunday morning in Eric Lofholm’s seminar. It’s absolutely incredible that you can learn so many of Jay’s success secrets by watching his videos. Everything is FREE on this site! Prove it to yourself by visiting Jay’s website right now!

The Abraham Group

If you haven’t already done it, send your friends to this blog so they can benefit just like you are now!

Tell me what you’re learning! Comment on this post with your questions.
I would love to hear your feedback about this post!

God Loves You!

Encountering Angels A Second Time

Today I’m doing something I may never do again.

I created a giveaway on Amazon two days in a row and I’m blogging about it two days in a row.

You have a chance to win Jerame Nelson’s Encountering Angels in two different giveaways!

Really you have THREE chances. The third way is to Follow my blog and then comment letting me know that you followed me and you want a chance to win Encountering Angels.

If you visit the Your Support Matters Angel Giveaway #2 you will see these words:

More chances to win when you FOLLOW my Your Support Matters blog! Visit The FIRST Angel Giveaway for more details. As I post this there are still 780 entries left in The FIRST Angel Giveaway! Tell your friends! God Bless You!

Follow the Amazon link above and you’ll arrive at the FIRST Giveaway.

Follow the link below and you’ll be at the Giveaway #2.

Be quick but don’t hurry! Hundreds of people have already entered! There are only 2000 chances total, EXCEPT, if you FOLLOW this blog and comment you’ll have more chances! Got it?

God Bless You!

Your Support Matters Angel Giveaway #2

(Remember to listen to Crowder for some musical encouragement!)