Only 30 Times To Be Solid!

Last night was the 30th time I attended The Fire & Glory Outpouring. I’ve also watched and/or worshiped over Youtube 6 or 7 times. Some of you might have seen me live-tweeting The Outpouring when I’m in my living room. In addition, I’ve recently streamed the service live a couple times on Periscope.

If this seems like a lot of effort to put in, maybe your perspective needs an upgrade.

My friend and mentor in Temecula, California is a man named Fran Cannon. Fran is in his 70s and he told me about an upgrade in his perspective on running that happened for him decades ago. He was working (I believe as an engineer at the time) and he noticed a coworker or two leave during lunch and then take a shower before going back to work. Fran discovered that these coworkers were running about five miles at lunchtime.

Upgrade! Soon he was running at lunch as well and he realized that running five miles was doable. Sometimes all we need to do is see that someone else is capable of doing something to realize that we ourselves can do it! Roger Bannister ran the first recorded sub-four minute mile in history on May 6, 1954.

Fran Cannon tells me that soon after that several people were running the mile in under four minutes! Those runners who saw what Roger Bannister achieved then realized that it could be possible that they could duplicate his feat. I should also mention that prior to Bannister crossing that imagined barrier, many people thought it was impossible to run a mile in under four minutes.

While I’m not saying that participating in 30 – 3 1/2 hour or so Holy Spirit-filled worship services is as big a feat as being the first in history to run a four minute mile, I am saying that you can duplicate my feat. You can come to San Diego or you can participate over Youtube! Your choice!

My experience tells me that worshiping God in spirit and in truth more often will have a tremendous impact on your life just like it has had on mine. You can see where the more intense worship part of my journey started by reading my first post on this blog, Stepping Out In Faith.

I would have been very skeptical if you told me in January that from late Spring through early Fall I would join in 30 or more Glory-filled worship services about three times as long as my home church’s typical service. Yet I have done it. You see it can be done.

I urge you to ask God to help you worship him so intensely that you achieve greater intimacy with Holy Spirit than you have previously imagined possible. If you believe there is a barrier in the way of you doing this, that barrier is NOT REAL. Simply ask God for help.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Phil. 4:13

Also Remember:

God loves you!


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