Do You Have A Mentor?

Now that I’m solidly in my sixth decade I understand the need for mentors in many areas of life. If you “go it alone” you will eventually find yourself with situations and problems that you have no idea how to fix. Without a mentor to turn to, you are out of luck.

Hopefully, you have at least two or three or even more mentors in your life. Each mentor probably has particular areas of expertise and, if you’re really fortunate, you have parents or grandparents who have mentored you in many different activities and who have imparted their skills to you. Often a friend can mentor you and sometimes a mentor who didn’t start out as a friend becomes one. In order for mentoring to succeed you must be willing to learn. That’s just reality.

Except for God, the first mentor mentioned (or coach, if you prefer) was Jethro. We don’t always remember that prominent people in the history of faith had everyday lives just like we do. Living everyday lives usually means family as well. Who was Jethro? Let me put it this way – Moses was Jethro’s son-in-law! Just to be absolutely clear, Moses married Jethro’s daughter, Zipporah. (What is the name of the wife of Moses? THERE’S a bible trivia question!)

Read Genesis 18 to find out how Jethro mentored Moses.

Last weekend I attended a business seminar and during the seminar I realized that Eric Lofholm is one of my mentors. While I don’t know him extremely well, he knows who I am and I know who he is. He’s got lots of great books and is a very good teacher when he’s in front of the room. He has a lot of knowledge that helps people in business or who are starting a business and things like email are among his specialties. I know very well how effective his email methods are because he has emailed me on an off for about 14 years. That’s how I ended up going to his seminar in San Diego!

If you are willing to learn, I would like to mentor you in a way that’s similar to the way Eric mentors me. (By reading my blog you’re already allowing me to mentor you.)

If you are one of the folks who has joined in the fun of the 21(!) Your Support Matters Angel Giveaways that I created in the last week or so, I would like to help make it easier for you to enter as many of my giveaways as you can.

Would you like to enter all my giveaways faster? How do I know I can help you? Because I created the giveaways! If you’d rather, I “built” them.

Do you know that each giveaway has a link that leads to the previous giveaway?

That means Angel Giveaway #21 leads to Angel Giveaway #20 which leads to Angel Giveaway #19 and so on all the way back to the FIRST Angel Giveaway! I checked to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes in those links just a couple hours ago.

Here’s the link to Your Support Matters Angel Giveaway #21. Click on the link to #20 in the “Welcome” section next to the close up of my face. In some cases there’s a photo of a cross on a hill at sunrise. Again, I know what the photo is because I took it in 2013 in Julian, California.

If you click until you land on an expired giveaway, don’t worry. Click on the link in that particular giveaway’s “Welcome” section and move on to another giveaway. Just make sure you don’t get stuck there. Move on to the next “link in the chain”.

That’s a pretty good way to look at this – there are currently 21 links in this chain and only one giveaway is expired. Another will expire at midnight. That’s still 19 giveaways!

There is something else about learning from a mentor you need to remember. It’s important that when you learn skills you practice them right away. Without practice it’s just head knowledge.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, yeah, I know how to do that!” Do they really? Did they learn and just keep the knowledge in their head or do they practice it? Do they do it in real life?

Go and do what you’ve learned!

Clicking on a link to enter a contest may seem like a small thing, but it’s a start.

Taking action makes you feel good. Learning something small leads to a willingness to learn something bigger now or in the future. Here’s the link again: Your Support Matters Angel Giveaway #21

Ready to learn something more? Read what I posted the other day and follow THOSE links. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve learned after you learn it!
Help Your Friends And Help Yourself

Like most days I’m leaving you with some music, but today’s music is a little different. I hope you like it.

God Bless You!


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