Encountering Angels A Second Time

Today I’m doing something I may never do again.

I created a giveaway on Amazon two days in a row and I’m blogging about it two days in a row.

You have a chance to win Jerame Nelson’s Encountering Angels in two different giveaways!

Really you have THREE chances. The third way is to Follow my blog and then comment letting me know that you followed me and you want a chance to win Encountering Angels.

If you visit the Your Support Matters Angel Giveaway #2 you will see these words:

More chances to win when you FOLLOW my Your Support Matters blog! Visit The FIRST Angel Giveaway for more details. As I post this there are still 780 entries left in The FIRST Angel Giveaway! Tell your friends! God Bless You! http://amzn.to/2dl3Wqn

Follow the Amazon link above and you’ll arrive at the FIRST Giveaway.

Follow the link below and you’ll be at the Giveaway #2.

Be quick but don’t hurry! Hundreds of people have already entered! There are only 2000 chances total, EXCEPT, if you FOLLOW this blog and comment you’ll have more chances! Got it?

God Bless You!

Your Support Matters Angel Giveaway #2

(Remember to listen to Crowder for some musical encouragement!)


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