Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Tuesday I was driving back from Pechanga/Temecula and 15 South was socked in. I was feeling particularly good because I had been practicing being connected to the Holy Spirit. I had been able to share with over 20 men a little about what I felt God had done that morning. (Sorry – I’m saving a version of that encounter for my upcoming novel. If you see me face to face I’m open to sharing.)

As I drove home I was singing Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus and the traffic wasn’t really bothering me. I was simply making plans to get off at Gopher Canyon and drive home through Vista. Singing and driving (or crawling!). Driving and singing.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus is about keeping our focus on the Lord and letting His light outshine what’s going on here on Earth.

I highly recommend doing just that.

Here are two versions I prefer:


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