I just got done singing thanks to God a few minutes ago. I like to sing to God as worship. That’s just one thing I’ve realized since I’ve been worshiping the Trinity in this “long form” style of worship.

My brother and his wife are coming to Rancho Bernardo tonight to join the growing crowd. I didn’t necessarily expect to go, but I feel more energized to go after singing to God less than 20 minutes ago.

Wednesday night was service #168 or thereabouts. Yesterday it was nice to be alone with my wife while she spoke in tongues. It’s pretty amazing.

I hope you join us at Heart of God church in Rancho Bernardo for revival. The leaders aren’t asking you to leave your church, but to just come to revival for about three and a half hours starting at 7:30 tonight. Google it or google Living At His Feet Ministries.

Also, be aware of the upcoming Fresh Awakening from September 1st through 4th at a different location. (Maybe Summit across from Cal State San Marcos?}

[The photo is my wife and me from earlier this summer with a retiring colleague across 78 from Cal State San Marcos.]

Come one, come all!


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