Good Things Are Happening

On the 4th of July I saw my cousin Debi at her brother Kevin’s house in Vista where some of our family went to see the fireworks display from blocks away. She asked me if I am still blogging.

Yes! The drought or writer’s block or whatever is now over!

Last night I went to the Fire & Glory Outpouring for the third time. This is pretty special and I urge you to attend at least three times before it moves on.

This revival started in January when they began with the intention to do four nights of revival. Last night was night #150 – give or take. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY nights so far! If you’ve never been to a revival, this is a wonderful place to start. One of the main speakers, Jerame Nelson, is careful to let people know that this is about God’s Love and commmunion (my word – NOT meaning the sacrament here) with the Holy Spirit.

These worship sessions are also NOT designed to get you to switch churches. Your church is your church. If you have no church, I’d be willing to venture that the Heart of God Church in Rancho Bernardo welcomes you. As a disclaimer I’ll let you know that I’m a member of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church in Solana Beach, California. (We’ll welcome you as well.)

My wife has been getting a lot out of participating in these worship/revival sessions and she’s been there in the neighborhood of 15 or 20 times. (She even speaks in tongues now, but I’ll share about that another time!) I visited for the third time last night and it is really something to have your idea of worship stretched and to leave your comfort zone of what you’re currently doing.

Last night was about 3 1/2 hours which started with worshipful singing & praise for about an hour and 20 minutes and then Jerame preached for what I’m pretty sure was about the same length of time. Then we had some more praise and singing with many of us coming up front and standing.

Why do I urge you to attend at least three times?

Since I was in the Pasadena healing conference a few months ago I’ve been coming to understand more about “practicing” connecting (again, my word) with the Holy Spirit. I love that we can give ourselves the grace to practice even though we might sometimes be incorrect in our understanding of what’s going on in a particular situation. As I see it, that’s freedom. God intends for us to have that freedom as we learn.

My first two times in Rancho Bernardo I was getting used to how these sessions go. Last night I was more familiar and more ready. Maybe you will be ready on day one. With decades in the Presbyterian Church I was not used to these long sessions, but I was and am open to these new (to me) experiences of worshiping God.

I’ve been meeting with a couple men from my church to study and pray for about 20 months and one of the questions I’ve asked is this:

If we are utterly convinced that God would never send us (or anyone) on a trip or mission to Poland (or Vancouver or Las Vegas or Pasadena or Cameroon or Pakistan or Brazil or Ghana, etc…), then how can God ever move us to do that or go there? If it’s part of our basic belief system that God would never call us to leave California, then HOW does he get through to us when he wants us to move to Vancouver, British Columbia?

I believe most of us can see a problem with an assumption that God would NEVER have us do a certain task as described above.

What if you believe that God would never have YOU speak in tongues? I am open to it, yet I haven’t done it. My wife was definitely open to it and now she does. But this post isn’t about speaking in tongues.

What if you believe something like this?

“What extra good could possibly come from a worship service that takes three or four hours or more?”
“What’s the point in having a service that long?”
“What’s wrong with my 75 minute service?”
“It’s just not necessary to have the service go that long!”
“I couldn’t possibly be in worship that long.”

Well, if you believe that you should never attend a service that takes this long, is it possible that you’re missing out?

If you know that it’s about God’s love and interacting (my word) with the Holy Spirit and no one is trying to get you to switch churches, why not stretch your comfort zone and come participate?

Last night (my third time) I felt God help me worship him and he gave me more joy and laughter in the process.

What if I had just stayed home and watched TV?

Check out Jerame’s Youtube Channel. I expect them to have last night’s session up soon, but July 9th is up already and you can see my wife, Marianne, walk up to the front at the 2:46 (two hours and forty-six minutes) mark. You can watch that below:

You can also watch these sessions live over the internet as they happen if you can’t attend or are convinced that you shouldn’t attend or if you live far away.

God Bless You!