Native American Jesus Song

When we attended the revival several weeks ago at the L.A. Coliseum I really enjoyed the Native American musicians. They played a song that seemed to be a combination of rock, Native American music and what I sometimes call “Jesus” lyrics.

I had assumed that I would easily find it on Youtube a few days later by searching for songs from the revival. That was not the case, but today I searched “native american jesus song” on Youtube and a list of songs from a group called Broken Walls came up. This is the same group we heard at the revival. I really, really enjoy “Ride the Wind” by Broken Walls.

Here’s “Ride the Wind”:

Read more about Broken Walls on the Broken Walls website:

About Broken Walls


Life Gets Busy, Yeah

Today’s headline is a reference to lyrics from an 80s song by Graham Parker titled Life Gets Better. I like it. Youtube it.

Our house is recovering from sickness and infection and we’re just about done with it. All this seems ironic at a time when I returned from a healing conference a little over a month ago. Life does get busy and fighting infection or sickness doesn’t make it easier.

There is really great news, however.


Tomorrow our son, Stuart, has his graduation ceremony at Cal State San Marcos!!! He’s graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Biology and he’s already taken the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). He’ll find out how he did in June and he’s currently filling out applications for medical schools!

Thank you, God!